Compleat Capture

Most vendor invoices are arriving as a PDF by email and this adoption has accelerated over the last several years as there is no point in sending a paper invoice to an empty office with remote working approvers if you want to get paid on time.

Over 85% of the PDF invoices Compleat processes are being generated and emailed directly from the accounting / ERP application and each contains all the invoice data required to generate the readable PDF.

Compleat Capture uses their own advance AI and machine learning technologies to automatically extract and format this invoice data, being a much faster and more accurate process than any OCR
methodology.  The Capture digital e-invoice “pack” includes the invoice data, PDF, any email attachments, and the email narrative, ready for delivery directly into our own Procure to Pay applications, or directly into the underlying accounting / ERP software.

Top 3 Benefits

Easy to setup workflows for invoice approvals.

Direct integration with your ERP/Accounting software.

Accuracy and Speed of performance, spending less time with data entry and approvals.

Compleat Invoice

Allows your finance team to share financial performance information
across the business so people can manage their area’s expenses and
financial KPIs proactively. Data from your ERP is fed directly into Phocas
Financial Statements, leaving the ERP data intact to ensure ledger data
integrity. Financial statements (profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflows)
can be customized.

Top 3 Benefits

Time savings for finance: fast and easy monthly reporting, consolidations,
comparisons, customizations.

Reduce maintenance and rework of
static spreadsheets.

Discrepancies between teams resolve faster with a single source of truth.

Compleat Buy

A dynamic and user-friendly financial budget planning and forecasting
solution. Keep track of budget plans in the cloud, from anywhere, at
any time. A workflow-driven approach allows multiple stakeholders
to collaborate securely in real-time for accurate budgets. Interactive
forecasting capabilities allow business leaders to re-forecast estimates
easily during the budget period or prepare a rolling forecast to keep pace
with market conditions.

Top 3 Benefits

Familiarity of Excel (look & feel) but with data integrity and peace of mind.

Detailed driver-based planning

Modelling with multiple scenarios

Compleat Integrations

Businesses that rely on tight product margins and operate in multitiered
supply chains use Phocas Rebates for enhanced discount and
commission management. Phocas Rebates allows commercial and
finance teams to bring order to rebate rules, with everything visible in the
one place, from one source of data.

Top 3 Benefits

Phocas Rebates complements the Phocas Analytics data analytics solution.

Negotiate better rebate contracts.

Save administration time by quickly creating supporting documents for rebate  claims right down to the transaction level.

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