Software Partnerships

In addition to finding the right partner to work with your implementation, selecting the best software partner is critical for your organization.  With MCLOUD3, we guarantee a successful project for each and every customer.  We have the confidence that selecting MCLOUD3 as your partner and any of the software applications we support will exceed your expectations and help your business to succeed.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) Software, has been growing more popular over the last several years as companies are wanting to automate data synchronization from various business applications.  BI Software is used for a variety of reasons and are intended to assist companies with compiling data and report in a preferred output.  Data visualization, such as dashboards, has taken a large step in providing the key metrics a company monitors.  Automating data with BI Software, allows your team to see the most current state of the company.  MCLOUD3 has partnered with Phocas Software, a leader in the marketplace, to build on over 20+ years experience working with companies with their ERP, CRM and HCM consulting.  Together, we will leverage the ability of companies to visualize their data in an intuitive, easy to use, robust application via the cloud.