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MCLOUD3: Tell me more


The last several days after our inaugural launch of MCLOUD3 has seen tremendous support in the community and industry.  We want to take the time now to tell a little more about the company and our plans as a tech startup.

As a software company, we were diligent about finding the right company to partner with and our concentration to be around data analytics.  We have over 20+ years working with ERP and other applications, and the single most thing that we found was that most application’s data isn’t always easy to report.  After much research, webinars, and reviews, Michael Drury, President of MCLOUD3 determined that Phocas Software was an ideal fit to provide services around their product.

What we like the most about the product is how easy it is for the end user:  Phocas is flexible, has an intuitive user interface, the analytics, reporting and data visualization provides much insight to help make decisions, and offers budgeting and forecasting.  In addition, we have so much experience in the industries that Phocas already targets, it just made sense!  These sectors include manufacturers, distributors, retail and construction.

We are looking forward to growing our company in the new journey.  Whether your company is small or mid-sized, we will serve you to implement Phocas.

Contact us today at info@mcloud3.com or visit our website for more information www.mcloud3.com.