Phocas Adds MCLOUD3 to Partner Roster

Phocas Adds MCLOUD3 to Partner Roster

Irvine, CA — May 20, 2021 — Phocas Software today announced a partnership with MCLOUD3, a new reseller focusing on selling and supporting Phocas solutions. MCLOUD3 is also an independent consultant for NetSuite users. Together, MCLOUD3 and Phocas will identify opportunities to expand the awareness of the business intelligence software among mid-market manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

“What we like the most about Phocas is how easy it is for the end user,” said Michael Drury, president of MCLOUD3.  “Phocas is flexible, has an intuitive user interface, and the analytics, reporting and data visualization provide valuable insight to help decision makers use data to guide their strategy and planning.  Given our experience in the industries that Phocas already targets, a focus on expanding the awareness of Phocas just made sense.”

Phocas Software provides data analytics for the entire business, including financial reporting and budgeting and forecasting modules that extend business intelligence to users across the company. Phocas delivers out-of-the-box integrations with a number of industry leading ERP systems such as NetSuite, providing users with a single interface to seamlessly manage their business data and reporting.

“It did not take long for Michael and MCLOUD3 to recognize the advantages that Phocas offers customers,” said Jay Deubler, president of Phocas U.S. “The ability to get data analytics and reporting into the hands of people of all skill levels and job functions is critical to business success, and Phocas has always put the user experience first. Michael brings valuable knowledge and industry experience that will help us continue to expand our reach across the U.S.”

About Phocas Software
Phocas is a cloud-based, SaaS company specializing in data analytics for the manufacturing, distribution, retail industries. The software incorporates sector knowledge to consolidate essential business data from common ERP, CRM, and AP/AR systems to make it simple to access companywide insights and financial performance through historical and predictive analysis. A core philosophy at Phocas is to make software intuitive so users of all skill levels can track and report on essential KPIs that are specific to their roles and industries. Phocas comes with out-of-the-box metrics, powerful interactive dashboards and broad functionality to provide immediate benefits and adoption. Users can also customize the software to meet their unique analytics and reporting needs.


Headquartered in Louisville, KY, MCLOUD3 has over 20+ years working with companies orchestrating from simple to complex ERP implementations, managing projects that were critical to the future of those companies, making lasting relationships, and having great adventures along the way!  In 2021, MCLOUD3 partnered with Phocas Software, a leader in the marketplace, to provide Business Intelligence and Data Visualization software to their customers in various industries, including distributors and manufacturers.  Visit for more information.


Exciting Events This Week!

Join us this week for a couple of exciting Live webinars!  Phocas Software will be presenting 2 webinars to give you insight to a modern approach to planning and analyzing your data, and using Phocas for budgeting, forecasting and reporting!  Click here or on the pics below to select the webinar that you are interested in attending!

May 12 & May 13




Collaborate. Visualize. Analyze.

Another great week for this spring time!  Sunny and warm today, and looking forward to the snow this evening.  Yep, it’s going to snow here!  The weather is just as predictable as companies predict their sales every day.  Our favorite meteorologist uses prior models to forecast a week out.  With Phocas, we can develop your own forecast based off years of data and performance.  Together, we can work to define your budget and help create your forecast.

Collaboration between all departments of an organization is essential for the foundation of your budget.  When everyone has input, a more realistic budget becomes more attainable to manage.  Phocas allows for users to update budgets collectively, and then examine daily.

While it snows, you visualize the snowflakes accumulating so you can build a snowman!  Visualization of your company’s data is key to tell a story of the health of your company.   Pictures, graphs and pie charts, these are all ways to share the narrative of success of your company.  Looking at past operations will help you gauge your future, and help you make better informed decisions.

Over analyzing your data can be tedious.  Phocas Analytics will keep your attention on those KPIs that matter most.  Drilling down into specific customers, sales reps, donors, or items will give you the necessary information to see trends and to have all the answers at your next meeting!

Call or email us today to schedule your demonstration of Phocas, or to learn more about how MCLOUD3 can work with your company!


MCLOUD3: First Week!

What an amazing week and Happy Friday!  There has been so many positive things that has occurred this week at MCLOUD3.  Starting with Monday’s company launch and the many conversations during the week with friends.  Each conversation, they were asking about Phocas Software and wanted to know more about the product.  In our prior blog post, we explained why we chose to partner with Phocas, but didn’t give much detail of the product.  So, in our future posts, we will dive in more depth into each of the modules and where Phocas is an ideal solution for companies.

For a preview, check out our Phocas page at

Have a great weekend!


MCLOUD3: Tell me more


The last several days after our inaugural launch of MCLOUD3 has seen tremendous support in the community and industry.  We want to take the time now to tell a little more about the company and our plans as a tech startup.

As a software company, we were diligent about finding the right company to partner with and our concentration to be around data analytics.  We have over 20+ years working with ERP and other applications, and the single most thing that we found was that most application’s data isn’t always easy to report.  After much research, webinars, and reviews, Michael Drury, President of MCLOUD3 determined that Phocas Software was an ideal fit to provide services around their product.

What we like the most about the product is how easy it is for the end user:  Phocas is flexible, has an intuitive user interface, the analytics, reporting and data visualization provides much insight to help make decisions, and offers budgeting and forecasting.  In addition, we have so much experience in the industries that Phocas already targets, it just made sense!  These sectors include manufacturers, distributors, retail and construction.

We are looking forward to growing our company in the new journey.  Whether your company is small or mid-sized, we will serve you to implement Phocas.

Contact us today at or visit our website for more information



Introducing MCLOUD3

Join MCLOUD3 as we embark on our journey with Phocas Software.  Today marks the official launch of MCLOUD3.  Our goal is to provide top tier customer service revolving around Phocas Software.  Looking forward to making this and every day spectacular!  Contact us today!